About us

Blue Star Trailers is Melbourne based professional trailers manufacturer. At blue star trailers we repair, Hire and sell Trailers of wide range from single axle trailers to tandem trailers. We also deal in trailer parts and accessories at affordable prices. our team of welders is certified from WTIA( welding technology institute of Australia) has 16 years work experience. we design and build custom made trailers according to your specifications and requirements. All blue star trailers are strictly Australian Design Regulations (ADR) compliant, providing safety and peace of mind to our customers. We are renowned for our hands-on approach and exceptional customer service, whether you are buying or hiring a trailer. At blue star we offer 15 months structural warranty on all of our trailers so always feel confident while purchasing our products.

We are committed to excellence
We are eco-friendly and support nature
We understand your need for trailers
We deliver on time
About us

“I needed a car carrier trailer but according to my need, i came in contact with bluestar and they delivered me what i needed i definitely recommend bluestar trailors to other. ”